Spotify is the world’s best music app, offering users a huge choice of music and podcasts.spotify

A world leader, Spotify truly does offer users everything they want in a music app.

What is Spotify?

spotify app

Launched in 2008, Spotify fast became a leading app, offering millions of tracks and podcasts for free and even more with a premium subscription. The app provides access to work from creators the world over, even offering a video service and plenty of original work you won’t find anywhere else. It works on many different devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and smart TVs, allowing users to listen to their favorite music and find new creators wherever they are.

Spotify Features:

Spotify is free to download but also offers in-app purchases and premium subscriptions. It offers these features:

  • A huge choice of music and podcasts, including full albums and videos
  • Find your new favorite tracks and artists, or listen to your old favorites
  • Search facility – use a track name, artist, or even a lyric
  • Great sound quality – better on premium subscriptions
  • Listen online or download and listen offline – offline listening is only available on a premium subscription
  • Create playlists of your favorite tunes and podcasts
  • Enjoy daily music mixes offered by Spotify
  • Listen to music based on genre, choose from different countries, or even different years
  • On-screen lyrics feature allows you to sing along
  • Find the theme tunes from your favorite Netflix shows and movies
  • Use the Popular Radio features and listen to non-stop music
  • Subscribe to podcasts, so you don’t miss episodes
  • Bookmark your podcasts, adding your favorites to a playlist
  • Create and share playlists
  • Choose from over 40 categories of music
  • Ad- supported – premium subscriptions remove these
  • 6 skips per hour – unlimited on a subscription
  • Use an email address or Facebook to sign up for a Spotify account
  • On-demand playback is available on a paid subscription

How to Download Spotify:

Spotify is easy to download and use. Click on the download buttons below to install.

iOS App Download Link

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Spotify Subscription Options:

Users can choose between four subscriptions:

  • Premium: $9.99 per month
  • Duo: $12.99
  • Family: $15.99
  • Student: $4.99

Spotify has an in-depth recommendation system built-in; the more music or podcasts you listen to, the better its recommendations get, allowing you to discover more by your favorite creators or discover new ones.

Spotify offers something for all listeners, whether you want a few tunes to rock along to or want a playlist of your favorite podcasts. The app even offers videos, an all-round music experience enjoyed by millions, so download it today and join the revolution.

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