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Do you love to play first-person shooter games on your iPhone or iPad?  Have you tried Critical Ops? It’s one of the most action-packed FPS games on the market today.critical ops

And the best news

It’s free

What’s the story?

What is Critical Ops?

It is a 3D multiplayer FPS game where you have two teams of 6 players each – a terrorist team and an anti-terrorist team. Depending on your team, you have one objective – to eliminate the other team, and you do that by placing and detonating bombs or by deactivating them. It is a game of strategy, skill, and speed, and all three are critical to your success or failure.


Let’s dive in

Game Features:

Critical Ops offers a ton of features:

  • Amazing maps
  • Choose between The Coalition or The Breach
  • An addictive game of strategy and skill
  • Master a range of weapons and skills
  • Gain the knowledge and learn new game mechanics – the more you play, the more you learn
  • Create a clan or join an existing one
  • Play in private matches
  • Three game modes to choose from
  • Play Defuse – two teams with two goals – plant and defend or deactivate the bombs
  • Play Team Deathmatch – two teams battling against each other in a timed game
  • Play Gun Game – two teams against each other with individual players using all the weapons available in the game
  • Play Quick Games, Ranked Games, and Custom Games
  • Regular updates add new features, game modes, and skins

Cool, yes?

Even better

There are in-app purchases in the game but none of them are designed to give any player an advantage, making it a fair-to-play game. The in-purchases merely offer credits and range from $1.99 up to $49.99. Not interested? Open iOS Settings and go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy – from there, you can disable the in-app purchases altogether – not a bad idea if you share your iPad or iPhone with others!

Wait, there’s more

How to Download Critical Ops:

This couldn’t be easier – go to the official app store or tap the link below. When the app page opens, just tap on Download:

Download Critical Ops

As easy as that.

Your turn

Download Critical Ops today and join the fun in one of the most popular FPS games ever released. With the in-app purchases being purely cosmetic, nobody can have an unfair advantage making it, even more, a game of skill.

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  1. Please update the game. They say i have to update a newer version but when i update its the original game please do something

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