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You can’t beat a few tunes in your ear when you want to pass the time and there are many different music streaming services to choose from. One of the fastest-growing is called Deezer and its gaining ground on the likes of Spotify very fast.deezer plus

Let’s dive in

What is Deezer?

A music streaming service that provides you with a cool way of listening to your favorite tunes on the go. With millions of tracks, podcasts, pre-built playlists and more to choose from, you won’t be stuck for something to listen to. And there are plenty of cool features to make it easy for you.

Before we move on

Deezer offers two packages – free and Deezer Premium. The free version is OK for those who only listen occasionally but if you are a serious music fan and want more choice and more freedom, you want Deezer Premium.

What’s the difference?

App Features:

With any Deezer package you get these features:

  • More than 56 million tracks to choose from
  • Tons of podcasts
  • Pre-built playlists
  • Shuffle mode lets you find your tunes easily
  • Choose a pre-built playlist or make one of your own
  • Add tracks to Favorites with one tap
  • Organize your tracks by genre or artist
  • Share music and playlists with others
  • A choice of radio stations

But if you want more, the Premium version offers all of that plus these extra features:

  • Unlimited skips
  • No shuffling
  • Offline mode – download for listening offline when you want
  • No irritating ads
  • Top-quality sound
  • Compatibility with Alexa, Apple Watch, Sonos sound systems, and Google Home
  • Deezer Flow – tell Flow what your taste is and it creates a playlist for you

But that’s not all

Deezer also offers a family plan where you can have up to six accounts on one subscription and a student discount of 50% off the premium subscription price

How cool is all that!

How To Download Deezer:

Simply go to the iOS app store and find it or click the link below; when the app page opens, tap the Download button:

Download Deezer App

Don’t miss out

Deezer is one of the fastest-growing music streaming apps in the world and it offers plenty of cool features, both on free and premium packages. It’s a great way of listening to music as you go so go ahead, download it today and follow us on Facebook for more iOS app recommendations and reviews.

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