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Have you been to the Hungry Shark World yet ? One of the most popular of all mobile games, Hungry Shark sees you controlling a shark that eats fish, people, birds, whatever gets in its way, just to survive. hungry-shark-world-icon-r225x

But beware; there are perils along the way and tricks to learn that get you further in the game. Those tricks and other features require gems and coins though and unless you are exceptionally clever and can earn them, you’ll need to pay for them.

Or will you ?

What I am about to tell you is astounding. A method that gets you the unlocked version of Hungry Shark World, complete with unlimited gems, coins, and lives, completely free.

Yes, that’s right; completely and utterly free!

How? Read on to find out.

Download Hungry Shark World :

Direct Download Link 1

Direct Download Link 2

Hungry Shark World is a free download from any app store but you want the unlocked version; the version that gives you all those in-app purchases already unlocked. All you need is an unofficial app store and it’s called Panda Helper.

Is it safe ?

Yes, completely safe and completely free. Download Panda Helper and open up a whole new world of apps and games, unlocked and tweaked just like Hungry Shark World. Click the link below to download Panda Helper onto your device, open it, search for Hungry Shark World and install it.

That really is all you need to do.

But if that wasn’t enough, you also don’t need to install a jailbreak; Panda Helper will work perfectly well without Cydia, as will any app or game, like Hungry Shark World, that you download from it.

Ready to go hunting? Then download Hungry Shark World today and take full advantage of all the unlocked features. If you follow us on Facebook, we’ll send you more cracking tips like this one.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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