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Do you find Instagram restrictive in what it offers? Want more features without having to jailbreak your device? Then keep reading because I’m going to let you into a secret – how to get a load more features on the app for free.instagram plus small

That’s right, completely FREE

Instagram is a great social media app but Instagram++ is better. With Instagram++, you get all the stock features but you also get a load more features that improve the app beyond recognition. You can’t get this from the iOS app store though but I found a way for you to download it.

Here’s the secret

How to Get Instagram++ :

Direct Download Link ( 73MB )

Alternate Download Link 1

Alternate Download Link 2

Alternate Download Link 3

Alternate Download Link 4

Instagram Rocket ( 60.8MB ) 

It’s an unofficial app store called Panda Helper. Simply install it to your device, opens and search for Instagram++ and download it directly.

There’s a catch, right ?

Not one. Panda Helper is free to download and use and is packed with modified apps like Instagram++, all of which are also free to download and use forever.

We’re not done yet

Instagram++ Features :

Obviously, you’ll want to know what you get, right? Instagram++ provides everything the stock app offers plus a few extras:

  • Choose full feed or thumbnail feed type
  • Display timestamps with a custom time/date format
  • Long-press an image to zoom in on it
  • See image captions in Zoom mode
  • Share media with the iOS share sheet
  • Download images to camera roll
  • Share or download image or videos with a simple double-tap
  • And a lot more

Now it’s your turn

Try Instagram++ today; it is completely free, you do not need to install Cydia to use it and the new features make it the app that Instagram should be.  You have nothing to lose by trying it so go ahead and download it; tell us what you think and follow us on Facebook for more app suggestions.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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