Panda Helper iPad – iPadOS

Panda Helper app is now available for iPadOS.panda helper original

You can easily download the Panda Helper on your iPad using the download link below.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

How to Download Panda Helper on iPad:

  1. Tap on the Download button from the Safari browser on your iPad and press Allow.
  2. You will see an Install link on the Install Profile page that loads, click it to allow the profile to install panda helper profile ipad
  3. Enter your passcode when asked. After the download is complete, Panda Helper will now ready to be used on your iPad

Panda Helper iPad Features:

  • Full support for all iPad models, including iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Air, and Pro models
  • Supported on iOS 8 and above
  • Comes in two versions – Regular and VIP
  • You don’t need to install Cydia
  • Plenty of free apps and tweaks to choose from 
  • Loads of 3rd-party apps and tweaks  
  • Updates daily with new apps and tweaks, performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • All your apps can be updated directly in the installer

Important Links:

Panda Store provides more choices than many of the other unofficial installers. Be prepared for ads on the free version; if you don’t want them, choose VIP. Tell us which one you go for and why and give us an idea of what you are using Panda for; what sort of apps or tweaks are you downloading? If you want more useful and cool tips like this, then follow us on Facebook.

29 thoughts on “Panda Helper iPad – iPadOS”

  1. I got a problem with the link. It just leads me to general>settings>profile with no installed configuration profile.
    Also has a message pops up whenever I click on the link, “This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you allow this?”

    Please fix this problem,

  2. Hello,

    i Load a Game And now the Game will a Update. i go to Panda, click install and there is Loading. it will be dont loading finish?! I start the iPad new, and theres Loading again. but it will not finish 🙁 what can i do?

      • Hello, thanks for your Help. But it dont work 🙁 I load another App, its work. But i will Update Last Day on Earth, and the App says, Loading…. but nothing works 🙁

        • Thank you for your comment. We need to look into the specific app then and resolve this issue. In the mean time , you can download the app from TweakBox if you like . What App are you looking for , we can provide you with the download link .

  3. I had asphalt 9 downloaded but your app stopped working so I had to redownload it. And now it’s saying I need vip to get asphalt 9 again. I would just like that game back please. I don’t have money to pay for your vip version and I already had it before. Can I please have that back.

  4. I have an iPad and it is not downloading.
    Like a pop up comes and asks me to indtall and when i press it and yo to home page the app is there but its not downloaded.
    Please fix

  5. Sir.
    I cannot download the app on my iPad. It appears on my homescreen but without an icon and I cant open it.
    Please fix.
    Hoping for a fast reply

  6. these links say they need to be resigned or whatever, but when i download the other version it won’t let me scroll on the app so i can’t install anything, it doesn’t work on ipad


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