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Music streaming is a very popular pastime on mobile devices these days and Spotify is the most downloaded app in the world. To gain access to premium features you need to pay a subscription fee every month. Spotify++ helps us get past that subscription by offering all the premium features for “FREE”.spotify plus icon small

With Spotify++ you can enjoy an “AD-FREE” experience with unlimited downloads, as many track skips as you want and much more so keep reading to find out how to download it today.

How to Get Spotify++ App :

*Direct download links without installer

Direct Download Link 1

Direct Download Link 2

Direct Download Link 3

Direct Download Link 4

There are three ways to download Spotify++ but none of them involve the official app stores:

Method 1: Using Panda Helper

You need to install a third-party app installer called Panda Helper to get Spotify++:

  1. Download Panda Helper onto your device using the tutorial at the link
  2. Open Panda Helper and search for Spotify++
  3. Choose the result that matches your iOS device and iOS version and tap on Install
  4. Wait; Spotify++ will now be downloaded to your device
  5. Now open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management
  6. Tap the World of Enterprise profile and then tap the Trust button
  7. Close Settings, go to the Spotify++ icon and start streaming your music.

Method 2 : Spotify++ .IPA

Spotify++ IPA ( 66MB )

You need to use Cydia Impactor to sideload Spotify++ onto your iOS device. You will need your computer, device and correct cable along with an updated version of iTunes and your Apple ID.

  1. Connect your device to your computer and, if iTunes opens close it
  2. Download Cydia Impactor from , choosing the Mac or Windows version
  3. Download the Spotify++ .ipa file from download button above and extract the contents
  4. Open Cydia Impactor, wait until your device has been detected and then drag the .ipa file into the open window cydia-impactor-
  5. Use your Apple ID to sign in and Cydia Impactor will do the rest
  6. Once Spotify+ has been installed to your device, close Cydia Impactor and open your iOS Settings app
  7. Go to General > Profiles and tap on the Spotify++ profile
  8. Tap Trust and close Settings; Spotify++ will now work

Method 3: Spotify++ APK

Spotify Plus APK ( 38.2MB )

  1. Open Settings > Security on your device and enable the Unknown Sources option
  2. Close settings and download the Spotify++ .apk file onto your device. The latest version is and you can get it from the download button above .
  3. Find the file on your Android device, tap it and let it install.

Alternative App :

deezer apps

Deezer++ is another excellent choice of music appstore, offering users the full range of premium Spotify features without the subscription fee attached.

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