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Hey, do you use WhatsApp? Fed up with not having the right features? I’m going to let you into a secret; there is a way to get loads of extra features without having to pay a single penny !whatsapp plus small

WhatsApp++ is a tweaked version of WhatsApp, offering  all those features that were left out of the stock app, rolled up into a free app that is easy to download; check out what you get with it:

WhatsApp++ Features :

  • Stop your Online Status and Last Seen status being seen
  • Disable Read receipts
  • Access to WhatsApp can be passcode and/or Touch ID
  • Remove the DRM from music before sending
  • No limits on how much media can be shared
  • Use a full profile image, no cropping needed
  • Audio recording with one tap
  • In-app customizations
  • Disable all delivery receipts

Where else could you get all those extra features for nothing?

How to Get WhatsApp++ :

Direct Download Link ( 73MB )

Alternate Download Link 1

Alternate Download Link 2

Alternate Download Link 3

Alternate Download Link 4

Instagram Rocket ( 60.8MB )

Now for my secret. Before you can download WhatsApp++, you must install Panda Helper app installer. The link below will provide you with the download details; then you can open Panda Helper and search for WhatsApp++ downloading it from there:

Cool or what! Such a simple method that offers tons of extra features, yet its all for free.

Fix Untrusted Developer :

Panda Helper is an excellent choice of app installer, providing users with tons of useful modified or tweaked apps and games for free and WhatsApp++ is one of the top downloaded apps. However, if this is your first time using a third-party installer, you may be surprised to see an Untrusted Developer error. Don’t worry, there is an easy fix:

  1. Open Profiles in your Settings app, though General
  2. Tap the app profile for WhatsApp++
  3. Tap the Trust button
  4. Come out of settings and try the app again; WhatsApp++ will now work properly

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on with WhatsApp++ and whether the features were of any use to you; you can use the comments box below for this and you can follow us on Facebook for more app suggestions and tips like this.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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