Looking for a way to play SNES games on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t want to jailbreak.


No problem; with MeSNEmu app, you can enjoy all your favorite SNES games without Cydia and without having to pay a single penny. We’ll be telling you exactly how you can download MeSNEmu onto your iPhone or iPad.

What is MeSNEmu?

Once known as SIOS, MeSNEmu is a Super Nintendo System Emulator app. It was developed by Lucas Mendes Menge as a way of playing SNES games on iOS devices easily and for free, and it offers a ton of cool features:

  • Support for Nintendo games
  • High speed and great performance
  • Option for custom game controls
  • Support for SMC ROM and ZIP files
  • Supports full-screen
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sound toggle
  • Manual state
  • Auto frame-skipping
  • Good selection of controllers
  • Auto-save/resume
  • Free
  • No jailbreak required
  • Support for all iOS devices
  • Many more features

Download MeSNEmu:

Direct Download Link

Now for the best part – how to get all this on your iPhone or iPad. As Apple does not and will not provide support for emulator apps, until now, you would have needed a jailbreak to get one. Not anymore. MeSNEmu has been developed in a way that it will work outside of the official store and outside of Cydia.

By installing a third-party app called Panda Helper. By using Panda Helper, you don’t just get MeSNEmu; you also get a choice of several other emulator apps, along with plenty of unofficial apps and games, mostly unofficial with extra features. That’s more than 2000 apps, games, and tweaks, all completely free.

  1. Download Panda app onto your iPhone or iPad by following the directions at the link
  2. Once it is done, tap the app icon to open it  
  3. First, you will need to fix an Untrusted Developer error – open Settings > General > Profiles
  4. Tap the MeSNEmu profile and trust it
  5. Now find MeSNEmu in Panda Helper and tap to install it  

That is all you have to do to enjoy your favorite SNES games on your iPhone or iPad for free. Don’t hesitate; download MeSNEmu today and start playing all your old favorite games, whenever you want, wherever you want.

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