Nestopia is one of the very best NES emulators on the market right now and, although it was originally designed for high-speed computers, there is a way to install it on your iOS device. nestopia

How to Download Nestopia:

Direct Download Link

One of the most accurate emulators available right now, Nestopia is easily downloaded using an alternative iOS app store. TweakBox app offers users thousands of apps and games, mostly 3rd-party apps or tweaks, and a huge choice of emulator apps, including Nestopia.

  1. Install TweakBox directly to your iOS device ( guide at link )
  2. Tap the app icon on your home screen to open TweakBox and search for Nestopia
  3. Tap it and follow the instructions on the screen to install it
  4. When you see the app icon on your home page, the emulator is ready to use.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

When you attempt to use TweakBox and Nestopia for the first time on your device, an untrusted developer error will appear. This happens with all unofficial content and is dead simple to fix:

  1. Remember the name of the enterprise developer from the error message and close it down
  2. Open the Settings app and go to General > Profiles
  3. Find that name in the profiles list and tap it
  4. Tap on Trust, close settings and the error will no longer appear

About Nestopia:

Originally developed by Martin Freij as a Windows app, Nestopia can still be used on desktop computers. The original sources are still available on the Nestopia home page, and you can download the toolkit used for developing the Mac port from the app developer pages.

Nestopia is one of the fastest and most accurate NES emulators ever released and can play pretty much any NES game without any issues, even on iOS devices. It offers cool features such as NetPlay and texture scaling and is proving to be an incredibly popular NES Emulator.

Download Nestopia today and get back to playing your favorite NES games, wherever you are and whenever you want. Simple to download, free and no jailbreak required – three great reasons to get it today. Get more tips like this by following our page on Facebook.