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NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System ) games have always been popular but, up to now, you needed to jailbreak if you wanted to play them on your iPhone or iPad. Not anymore. An NES/Famicom emulator app called NESEmu has been released, and there is a very simple way of installing it.

How to Download NESEmu:

Direct Download Link

Earlier we said there was an easy way to install NESEmu on your iOS device and here it is. A third-party app installer called TweakBox offers more than 2000 unofficial apps, games, emulators, tweaks, and more, all for free.

  1. Use the linked tutorial to install TweakBox on your iPhone or iPad  
  2. Open it and use the search facility to find NESEmu
  3. Tap on the app, install it ( following any in-app directions ) and wait
  4. When the NESEmu icon is on your home screen, it’s yours to use. 

There are no actual games in NESEmu. It’s down to you to install the ROMS you want, and you can find some by doing a simple search on Google, which will then turn up ROMS for your favorite games; simply download them to your SD card or internal memory and play them from within the emulator app.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Because TweakBox and NESEmu are unofficial apps you will need to fix the untrusted developer error:

  1. Note the enterprise developer name from the error message
  2. Open Settings > General > Profiles
  3. Trust the enterprise developer and the app will work perfectly.

Emulator Features:

NESEmu is a feature-packed emulator app, offering:

  • Support for Save State and memory backup
  • Support for .unf and .nes game formats
  • Support for FCEUX state files
  • .fds files supported for Famicom Disk Emulation
  • Support for FCEU-compatible cheat files
  • Support for VS Unisystem, to ‘insert coins’, press Start
  • Support for guns and zappers, with touch screen controls for firing
  • Multi-touch screen controls can be configured
  • Support for compatible HID Bluetooth and USB keyboard and game support, plus support for Wii controllers on Android 4 or lower devices
  • Full support for custom key profiles on all devices
  • Support for landscape and portrait screen orientations

You really don’t want to miss out on this; NESEmu is one of the most accurate and powerful of all NES emulators on the market today. Don’t forget to let us know what games you are playing and follow us on Facebook for more app recommendations.

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