Are you missing your favorite 3rd-party apps and other tweaks? Then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to tell you all about TweakBox App.

How to Download TweakBox:

TweakBox is entirely “Free to Download”, and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use it. It is easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface and a search feature that makes finding apps and tweaks very easy.

Download TweakBox

What is TweakBox App?

As one of the Panda Helper alternatives, TweakBox offers a vast choice of apps and tweaks, not to mention jailbreak tweaks that you can now download without Cydia. With thousands of apps and tweaks to choose from, there is something for everyone here.

App Features :

With Tweak Box you get to choose from five separate categories of the app:

  • Flash Apps – apps that you will never find in the iOS app store
  • iOS Apps – Unofficial iOS apps and tweaks for iPhone and iPad.
  • TweakBox Apps – Exclusive apps and tweaks, including emulators, screen recorders and more that you can only find in TweakBox app tweakbox app iphone
  • Tweaks – Tweaks for iOS firmware that gives few extra features to make iOS even better
    tweakbox app features

So much to choose from and the best part is, it’s all Free.

That’s right, completely free.


The following are some common issues with the TweakBox app, along with solutions.

  • Solve Untrusted Developer

With custom or unofficial apps like Panda Helper and TweakBox, Untrusted Developer error is common. Until you fix them, you cannot access the app, but you’ll be pleased to learn that solving this particular error is quite straightforward:

  1. From your home page go to settings
  2. Go to General and then Profiles
  3. In the profiles list, find the app profile and Trust it  
  4. Close down Settings, go to the installer, and you will see it works just fine.
  • Fix White Screen Issue


White or blank screens are annoying, but they are not hard to fix.

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Go to the Safari Section
  3. Tap on Clear Website Data
  4. Now when you use TweakBox again, the screen will be back to normal

How to Delete TweakBox:

If you can’t get on with the installer or you have a niggling error that you just can’t fix, delete it:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Tap on General > Profiles
  3. Tap the TweakBox profile and then tap Delete Profile
  4. Close Settings – TweakBox has gone.

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