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Panda Helper is one of the greatest jailbreak alternatives we have, but it won’t work on every device. And, while it offers so much choice, on occasion, an app or a game won’t work, or maybe you can’t find what you are looking panda helper app

There is nothing to worry about because there are plenty more installers to choose from; some of the best apps like Panda Helper are:

Emus4u App :


Emus4U is a feature packed app installer offering a ton of modified apps and games, alongside some of the best games emulators. Copy-Paste URL in the browser.

Emus4u App

Emus4U is customizable to your requirements and is updated on a regular basis with new content, with some of the popular apps being Spotify++ and MovieBox.

TweakBox App :


TweakBox app is one of the top app installers with plenty of modified apps and games to choose from.

TweakBox App

Popular apps from TweakBox are Snapchat++ and Spotify++, just two of many that have been given additional features. TweakBox receives regular updates and is monitored daily.

TweakBox isn’t just an app store for free apps and games from the iOS app store. You will also find plenty of premium apps, stock apps that have been given extra functions and loads more. This is why TweakBox has overtaken the competition because it offers so much choice compared to the rest. It is easy to download and works on all iOS and Android devices.

TutuApp App :

tutuapp icon small 2

TutuApp is another excellent alternative to Panda App. One of the first app installers to be released, TutuApp has seen several updates to ensure it remains in par with the later ones. Copy-Paste the URL in your browser.


TutuApp offers hundreds of thousands of modified apps and tweaks, some Cydia tweaks and it will work on any iOS device regardless of whether the device is jailbroken or not.

AppValley App :


AppValley app offers a whole load of apps and games that any iOS users will find useful and fun.


One of the later Cydia alternatives, the AppValley developers, have placed all their app content into several categories, all of which are updated regularly, so you can easily find the apps you want.

ACMarket App : ( for Android Users )acmarket app small 120px

ACMarket is an unofficial app store for Android users. Much like the Play Store, it offers plenty of apps and games to choose from; unlike the Play Store, everything in ACMarket is free, and most of it has been modified with additional features.


Popular downloads from ACMarket include Spotify++ and MovieBox.

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  1. i have tried to download panda helped again, but everytime i do, i can’t open the app once it installs onto my phone. it stays with the grey lines over the white background, and the panda picture won’t show up. i can’t open it. what should i do? is there a fix??

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