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Panda Helper is an unofficial app store, packed with useful apps and games for iPhone and Android.panda helper

Panda Helper download can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

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How to Use:

Using the Helper app is very easy for all age groups. Once you have installed the helper

  1. Locate the app icon on your device home screen and tap it
  2. Click on the Apps button at the bottom of the screen as shown here panda helper appstore
  3. Select your Category 
  4. To find your favorite app use the Search option on the top of the screen.

App Features:

It is is an excellent app installer, full of apps, games, and other content:

  • App Store Apps – loads of iOS app store apps and games 
  • Exclusive Helper Apps – plenty of Cydia apps including emulators, movie apps, screen recorders and many more 
  • Tweaked Apps – some of the top stock apps modified with new features
  • Modified Games – favorite iOS and Android games unlocked

It is 100% Safe:


There is one main difference between jailbreaking or rooting and using Panda Helper.

Jailbreaking has the potential to allow malware or security breaches on your device whereas using this app doesn’t, neither does the app void your warranty, whereas jailbreaking definitely will. Panda Helper is Safe to use.

Best Jailbreak/Rooting Alternative:no jailbreak panda helper

Panda App Store is the most popular of all the unofficial app stores, a Cydia alternative that offers tons of apps and games to download. It’s all free, and you won’t find many of these apps or games anywhere else. Not only that, but Android users can also install the APK file, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the same content.

Top-Rated App Installer:

top rated app

Panda Helper app is rated Top 3 among Android and iOS app installers that provide both free and premium app and game download services. It runs on iPad and iPhone running iOS 12 and older firmware.

Unlock App/Game Features:

games unlocked

One reason why many people used to jailbreak was to gain access to all the Apple Appstore apps, but even though Cydia is out of reach now for many, we can still get this content, along with a few Cydia tweaks and some modified apps. This is all through a series of app installers, all released over the last few months, and the latest one is called Panda Helper App. Packed with content, it is one of the most comprehensive of the installers, and we’ve shown you how to download it in the link above.

Round the Clock Support:


If you are having issues with the Panda Helper not working on your phone, then we have a list of Troubleshooting Steps that will fix your problem. In any case, you can join us on Facebook or the Official Twitter page and ask the app developers about your issue or request a new app or game. The Panda Helper team has round the clock customer support assisting users worldwide in all-time-zones.

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