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FtiOS is an unofficial appstore for Apple devices.ftios app icon

You can download the FtiOS app on your iPhone using the link below.

Download  on  iPhone

Download on Android

How to Download FtiOS App:

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and open this page
  2. Tap the Download button ( above ), then tap on Allow
  3. This will let the Profile download. Now open your Settings app and go to Profile Downloadedftios app profile
  4. Find the FtiOS profile and tap Install and, if asked, type in your device passcode 
  5. Wait for the profile to install on your device and the FtiOS icon to show up on your home screen ftios-app iphone

How to Use FtiOS:

  1. Open the app from your home screen
  2. If you get an Untrusted Developer error, open Settings > General > Profiles and Trust the app profile.
  3. When you open the app, select your language, interface, and accept the Privacy policy.
  4. Tap Continue and then browse the app looking for apps or games to download
  5. Tap on what you want to download and follow the on-screen instructions

FtiOS App Features:

  • It is easy to setup and use
  • A choice of themes to customize the app, including Dark, Light, and lots of colors to choose from
  • Optimized for the iPad and includes support for split-screen
  • You can even see the specs for all the latest iOS devices without needing to search for them.
  • See status updates on signing, beta firmware, and more.
  • Choose from thousands of apps, games, tweaks, and much more.
  • Manage your account from one place

Note: You can stay up to date with all the latest FtiOS news by reading ftBlog.

How to Delete FtiOS:

  1. Launch Settings and tap on General
  2. Tap on Profiles & Device Management
  3. Choose the app profile from the list and tap it
  4. Tap on Delete Profile
  5. FtiOS is removed from your iPhone or iPad

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is FtiOS?

FtiOS is a top-rated unofficial app store, offering thousands of apps and tweaks for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. None of them can be found in the official app store. The app is Vietnam-based, and you can choose the app language between English and Vietnamese.

  • Is FtiOS Free?

Yes. You can download a free version of the app but, if you want more choice of content, faster downloads, and more, choose the VIP version.

  • Is FtiOS Safe?

Yes, the FtiOS app is safe to download and use. It does not jailbreak your device, hence it does not interfere with the security features of iOS.

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