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Installing Panda Helper on iOS 11 is quite simple and involves downloading a configuration profile to your device.panda helper original

Install Panda Helper on iOS 11 :

To get the regular version, follow these steps very carefully. Full explanation video below.

Download Link

  1. From Safari on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, tap on the download button above and click Install panda helper download
  2. Wait for the Panda Helper page to load and then click Install directly on the Install Profile screen.pandahelper_profile
  3. On your iPhone Home Screen there would be an installing app. If it says waiting . Tap on it to re-start installation. panda_helper_installing
  4. You have to go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust panda helper profile
  5. Wait for Panda Helper to finish installing and then you can use it pandahelperios

Video : Above Steps Explained

Fix No Profile ?

If Panda Helper is not getting installed on your device and it repeatedly takes you to the Profiles screen with No Profiles to Trust, then download the Panda Helper VIP version from link below and then again download the free version on top of it. It will now be installed.

How to Delete Panda Helper :

Some users have found that Panda Helper isn’t to their taste or they no longer use it. Deleting it is easy and you can rest assured that your device will go back to how it was, with nothing else affected. A full tutorial can be found at the link below:

Panda Helper Installation Errors :

Panda Helper is, for most people, error free but we have had reports of one or two common errors coming in. Luckily, there is no need for panic because these are easily fixed and you can get all the details on what the errors are, and their solutions, by clicking the link.

Panda Helper Alternative :

Panda Helper isn’t the only third-party installer and it certainly won’t have everything that every user wants. That isn’t an issue though because there are alternatives and one of those is called Emus4U.

emus4u app original small

Emus4U is a comprehensive installer that offers access to a wide range of tweaked, modified and other apps and games. It fully supports iOS 11, does not require jailbreaking to work and is free to download and use.

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*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I downloaded fl studio mobile from panda helper free and everything were going fine and when i opend it it says that i need to install some plugin. I clicked ok and it took me to safari and then to comfiguration profile. When i hit install it says that i cant connect to server. Is it because many people is installing it in same time or is it some software error?

  2. Hey guys the app gives me a pop up telling me that the installing tool is preparing and then nothing happens. I’m on ios11. Any solutions?

  3. Can’t download panda helper…
    I’ve canceled and reistalled but don’t work…
    asked me to verify also some app just downloaded from panda…
    Don’t work anythings

    1. hi, from your homescreen , tap on the app it will start download. if not , then delete that app by press and hold > wiggle > tap cross. now re-download from Panda Helper.

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