Panda Helper Error Fix

There are reports of a couple of common errors that stop the Panda Helper app from working properly.not working error

Panda Helper iPhone Errors:

  • Panda Helper apps Not Working

anti revoke trick

Anyone who uses unofficial apps will know that the certificate being revoked is a big problem. There is an easy way to get around this. It is a temporary method, but it does give you access to your apps, even if Apple does revoke the certificate. When the app certificate has been revoked, and you can’t open your app, do NOT delete the app. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode on your device and check that Wi-Fi is off ios airplane mode
  2. Go into your Settings app and tap on Safari
  3. Then tap Clear History and Website Data
  4. Launch the app whose certificate has expired; they should open although there is no internet connection
  5. Disable Airplane Mode, make sure Wi-Fi is back on, and you should now be able to use the app.
  • Profile Installation Failed Errorpanda helper profile installation failed

This error will arise when you are trying to download Panda Helper, and the Apple servers are experiencing high traffic. In the first place, just wait for an hour or so and try again; if you still get the error, try these steps:

  1. Place your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode
  2. Open Settings and tap Safari
  3. Tap on Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap on Clear History and Data
  5. Take your iPhone or iPad out of Airplane mode
  6. Wait for a few minutes and then install the app again; you should find it goes ahead properly.
  • White or Blank Screen:

whiite screen problem iphone x

  1. Open Settings and tap on Safari
  2. Tap on Clear Website Data.
  3. Panda Helper’s screen should be normal now.
  • Untrusted Developer Error

untrusted enterprise developer image

Another common error, this happens when you try using unofficial content for the first time. Again, it’s easy to fix:

  1. Make a note of the developer name on the error message
  2. Open Settings > General
  3. Tap Profiles and find the developer name
  4. Tap it, tap Trust and the app will work without error.
  • Panda Helper App Revoked Issue

grey app icon

The developers of Panda Helper rely on enterprise certificates to run their app installer on. These are certificates are given by Apple to allow enterprise users to deploy their apps around the workplace bypassing the appstore restrictions. Because it is against Apple’s TOS, they will regularly revoke them, causing the 3rd-party apps to crash. The app developers do monitor the situation and try to renew the certificates before they are revoked.

  • Unable to Verify App

If you get the “App Certificate Revoked message or a message that says Unable to Verify App, there is an easy fix for it:

  1. First, delete Panda Helper from your device
  2. Next, open Safari and go to the official website.
  3. If you see a message that tells you the Panda Helper may be downloaded, the app certificate has been renewed or resigned and the app is ready to be downloaded once more. Download it by clicking the Download Free Version button
  4. Tap Install when asked to confirm and wait; within a few seconds, Panda Store will be reinstalled on your device.
  5. Before you open and use the app again, there is one more step to take – open your Settings app
  6. Tap on General > Profiles and Device Management and find the Panda App profile in the list
  7. Tap it and Tap Trust; close Settings and Panda App will now work without crashing, as will all the apps and tweaks contained in the installer.
  • “Could Not Be Downloaded at his Time” Error

If you get this error message, there are a couple of things you can try the following steps.

  • Reset Network Settings – Open Settings > Network > Reset Network Setting. Reboot your device and try again
  • Reinstall Panda – if you keep getting this error, the best solution is to delete and then reinstall the Helper app
  • Wait – if lots of people are attempting to download the Panda app at the same time, the servers can be slow. Try again in a few minutes
  • Clear the Cache – clear the Panda app cache

This should resolve the issues with the error.

  • No Profiles to Trust

Recently many users have reported that they are unable to download Panda Free version. The Free version download takes directly to Profiles screen, and there are No Profiles for users to Trust and proceed to the next step. In this case, you will have to first install the Panda Helper VIP and the Install Panda Helper Free over that.

Panda Helper Android Errors:

panda helper android apk

The following are the problems while installing and using the Panda Helper APK file on your device.

  • The App Stopped Working

App has stopped

There could be any number of reasons for this and not all of these solutions will work for all users. Start at the top and work through until you get one that fixes things for you:

Method 1: Resetting App Preferences

This is the method that works for most users:

  1. Open Settings>Apps (or App Manager)
  2. Tap on the menu for All Apps
  3. Tap Reset App Preferences>Reset Now
  4. When you open the app, it should work

If not, try method 2

Method 2: Clearing Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Open Settings > Apps (App Manager)
  2. Go to System Apps and tap Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache
  4. Tap Clear Data
  5. Panda Helper should work now

If you are on Android v6.0 Marshmallow, look in Storage for the two options

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This is required for any unofficial content to work on your Android device:

  1. Open Settings>Security
  2. Tap the box next to Unknown Sources to enable it
  3. Try again. If the app still isn’t working, delete it. Then, keeping the option enabled, install it again.
  • App Not Installed

App Not Installed

This is another irritating error that is easy to solve. Again, four methods, start at the beginning and work through:

Method 1: Clear Data and Cache for Package Installer

  1. Open Settings > Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap System Apps > Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data

Look in Storage if you use Android Marshmallow – the two options are there

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

If this is not enabled before you install the app, things are not going to work:

  1. Open Settings>Security and enable Unknown Sources
  2. Close settings, the app should work. If not, remove it from your device. Keep that option enabled and reinstall it

Method 3: For Rooted Devices

This is a more advanced fix:

  1. On your device (rooted) look for a root explorer app and download it
  2. Open it and then copy the .apk file
  3. Go to System > App
  4. Makes sure permissions are enabled for the app and close settings
  5. You should find the app is now installed and working

Method 4: Clear Space, Set Path

This is the last method – clearing space on your Android device. Go through it and remove anything you no longer need – delete unused apps, move photos and media to an external device and delete files you don’t need. If you are installing Panda Helper to an SD card, check that it has been mounted correctly. It isn’t advisable to install on SD cards because the Package Installer may not be able to read the APK files and conflicts arise. Try installing it on your internal storage instead.

Have you come across these errors while using Panda App? Have these steps helped? Let us know in the comments box and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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  1. Hello! I’m trying to download panda helper, but the link won’t open. It keeps saying “safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error”. I’d there anything I can do? Thank you.

    • Thank you very much for information. We have replaced the profile and re-uploaded it. Please try again this time and comment below .

        • Hey panda helper team!! I’ve been trying to download this app but it keeps on saying come back in a few hours!! I try the next day and the same thing happened. I I’m on iPad Pro right now iOS 9.5.3 I hope u can help me with this. Please email me back because I might not get it on here. Thx 🙂

        • Im trying to download war robot hack but it says ” unable to download app ” and then it says “retry” I tried everything you told me to but it still wont download. It worked for my brother but not for me. He has iphone 6s I have 6.

      • Hello, I have had this problem with panda helper on my iPhone 6.
        So when I download it almost downloads it but it says (Waiting) and never ends when I tap on it it says (unable to download panda helper) and I can’t play my favorite games because of that I’m hoping for a response. Thank you

      • Hello! I don’t know if I’m supposed to send it here but I’m a bit sure I am. So my app is successfully downloaded but it’s just gray and the app doesn’t say panda helper and it’s like it says something else. All I see is a gray icon and “pandahelper…”. If I can do anything I would but I tried everything, re-downloding but that made it worse and now I can’t open it. Please Help because when it did this app the apps I downloaded with it nuts got deleted and it was when I wan randomly using it.

  2. I tried downloading the VIP version but when they took me to the configuration profile and I installed, it said service host not found

  3. Hi my apps wont open neither Will my panda helper it just says that its unable to verify but nothing is Wrong in settings, what should i do?

    • Sorry, today panda helper is revoked, please delete the old one and re-download it. But it will take some time to re-sign the Apps in Panda Helper. If games crash,please delete & download them again

  4. Hi! I’m having a problem with some apps I got from Panda Helper. I can’t open them because it gives me a message that says “unable to verify app” and when I go into settings to verify it, nothing happens.

  5. Im currently using a Iphone 6 plus version 12 but I can’t install panda helper it keeps telling me to have 2 options ( retry or done) I rested my phone and everything but it still won’t download please help

  6. Hi I want to download balloons adventure time td [email protected] but it won’t work. Then I tried to download a differnt game ,but it still wouldn’t download. Please help it would be greatly appreciated. P.S I love your app keep up the great work!👌

  7. My Kim Kardashian Hollywood doesn’t work, it send a notification that the app needs an update but I don’t know how to update the hacked app

  8. Hi, I tried to download apps from PH but it says I need VIP, which I don’t for a lot of apps, I tried every app and it says I need VIP. It wasn’t like this yesterday, maybe it’s because I downloaded a software update?

  9. I am trying to download an app. It tells me I have to upgrade to vip. So I tried another, same thing. I actually tried about 20 different apps and all of them said the same thing. What gives?!

  10. Hi, I have a problem. When I tried to download any game I receive a message for the VIP version, I cannot download nothing, please help me.

  11. The app Kim Kardashian Hollywood doesn’t work? Keep getting a pop up that I’m signed in on another device (I’m not – I think it’s picking up other people using the hacked app?) then the app restarts.

  12. i have a question about Deemo app
    when im open the app , it said you need to restore due to the new version when the app said it is hacked
    how can i fix this ???

  13. Hi so I got everything from the Kim k app but the next day after a day of playing t it tells me I need an internet connection to verify it. But I have WiFi so I thought I’ll go to Starbucks and try again and nope nothing, my friends WiFi nope nothing. It keeps saying the app is unavailable until verified. I’ve tried to verify it but it doesn’t work. Help

  14. So panda was working awesome for 2 weeks and today it would not let me trust the app I installed and finally I went ahead and deleted panda so why read downloaded it and it is acting like panda is installing And then all of a sudden becomes Black please help me thanks panda

  15. Hii, my Kim Kardashian game won’t work, i have downloaded it and everything, but when i try to start the game, it keeps loading the beginning screen, so it will load, after you should be able to create your character or load a precious saved game, but instead of staying on this page, it just goes back to loading the entire game.. how can i fix this? Because this started today, yesterday everything worked fine, i already deleted eveything and downloaded everything again, checked for updates and all but nothong works.. pls help

  16. I have a iOS 12 and I tried to download the Nicki Minaj the Empire game , it downloads but it doesn’t work at all for me, and I was wondering if it’s the game or my brand name iPhone

    • hi , we have some compatibility issues with that game. We are working to bring a working version of that game soon. Thanks

  17. Hello, I’ve downloaded Panda helper and downloaded Kim Kardashian Hollywood onto it. I got unlimited cash but not stars or max level. I’ve uninstalled both apps multiple times but it still wont work. Please help

  18. Had an issue with panda helper so I deleted it and when I tried to re download it, the app is black and won’t complete downloading, any ideas on what to do?? I miss my game !:(

  19. Hi, I’m a Panda VIP user, my apps from panda are having trouble to open as well as the panda helper app.
    I tried to re-download and reinstall it, the icon shows no image and won’t open after the installation. Please fix.

  20. My app is not downloading. I press install from the website, it’ll pop up on my phone, it says downloading for a little and then once it’s done you cannot press on it.

  21. Hi, I’m getting this error:
    “Prompt: Your device information cannot be obtained. You need to get your device inormation again to ensure normal use.”

  22. I downloaded the hacks for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Cheat Tool and Pokémon Go Hack Cheat Tool but it’s not working.

  23. Every morning I try to play minecraft or something and try to access the apps I’ve downloaded including panda helper and it won’t work it keeps saying you need to trust can you please help me

  24. Hi, I am trying to download the latest version of panda helper and every time the app is a bit over three quarters downloaded the app will turn black and the profile will not show up and when I tap on the app it tell me that it cannot be downloaded at the time and I tried the solutions and none of them worked so what do I do to fix it

  25. Hi, I’m having an issue where when I indteall Panda Helper, it only shoes a white app as the box and it won’t indteall. I tried the TuTu app as well and it had the same issue so I am not sure if it’s my phone or both of your apps have an issue. Anyways is there a way I can fix this issue?

  26. Hello, I just downloaded panda helper regular. It downloads properly but doesn’t intall. After the download process app’s icon turns black in homescreen and if i look for profiles in settings there isn’t anithing to allow. Could it be new ios update’s fault?

  27. Hi. When I go to DOWNLOAD the app it’ll say “we’re working very hard on this, please try again 1-2 hours” then I’ll give it 3 hours and it STILL doesn’t work. Help and reply please!!

  28. Hi. When I go to DOWNLOAD the app it’ll say “we’re working very hard on this, please try again 1-2 hours” then I’ll give it 3 hours and it STILL doesn’t work. Help and reply please!!

  29. So I had panda helper for a little while, then it got revoked. I redownloaded it and then it worked fine. Then it got revokes again, I deleted it but when I tried to redownload it it just said “We are working hard to fix it, please try 1 or 2 hours later. So I waited and it still doesn’t work. I did everything above. Does it have trouble running in iOS 12? I’m assuming it doesn’t. Please help.

  30. Hi panda team hope you’re all good,

    I’m having the same issue as many others which is the issue with downloading your app from your website it always shows the come back in 1-2 hours we are working hard to fix this, a reply to my email address would be much appreciated just to let me know what’s going on with this issue? Many thanks.

  31. I’m using Honor 7X mobile phone. I downloaded the Asphalt Extreme Mod / Asphalt Airborne, etc. without any issue. But when I’m trying to install the games it’s not getting installed. The error message showing is “App Not Installed”.

    Please advise.

    • hi, thank you for reporting the error. This article will be updated with the new information and the solution to your issue in a few hours.

  32. Hello my Panda Helper app will download and than say installing and then the app just will go black as if it’s still downloading. I hope you can get back to me because it has been a week.

  33. Hi, I’m able to download the app and even the game but whenever I try to open the game it says “your device information cannot be obtained. You need to get your information again to ensure normal use” but when I tried to do that it said “profile downloaded” I go to settings, try to install it and then when I go to the new game It says the same. I tried downloading the app again too and it doesn’t work.

  34. hi, this is a game related issue. You need to contact the developers of the MOD to fix the problem. Panda Helper is only a platform to download and install the games.

  35. Please Help!
    I downloaded the Kim K game yesterday and everything was going perfect. Had unlimited cash and stars, but then I closed all my apps to do something. When I came back, I tried to open the app, but every time I click the icon, it loads, then crashes back to home screen. I’ve tried opening it about 20 times and nothing changed.

    I then deleted the Kim K app, redownloaded it, everything worked perfectly but:
    1) I lost all my progress ( I can’t save it bc this tweaked version doesn’t accept saves)
    2) The whole thing happened again!

    Please help, I really enjoy this game!

  36. hi, not sure what is the issue here. try deleting the game and using those services to pinpoint that the problem is with the game.

  37. Hey Panda helper team,
    I need some help. Panda helper is not installing the hack app. It downloads and waits there. But every time I try tap on it, then it asks me to wait a minute, and it’s driving me NUTS!!!!!

  38. Hello, I tried to install myOs from panda helper and I trusted panda helper in settings, after installing the myOs app, I opened it and it says I have to install the profile for myOs and I tried, and then it says I cannot install the profile because it is not connected.
    How can I install it? Thanks

  39. Hello whenever I play Minecraft and terraria it says “prompt” and it tells me I need to download an account or something and I press allow and it says account already downloaded it just does that over and over again pls help

  40. Hi um I have a question. I downloaded panda helper on my iPhone and got minecraft. I signed into my iTunes account like it said but it just cuts me out! I have fixed panda helper multiple times and have trusted it. I don’t know what’s going on!

  41. Hello I have an issue. Whenever I go into the app and download something it takes me to another page and says numbers like, 127.00 I do it and still never works I redownload it it keeps happening. It says to to me to another like settings and says profile something but I am a kid and do not understand. Please make it easier for kids. ❤️

  42. Hi I just downloaded your app about an hour ago and firstly, it’s amazing what you’ve made here. I downloade Minecraft right after I downloaded the app and it worked fine but then I deleted it a few mins later cuz I wanted to download smth else. Now whatever I download it stays at the “installing” stage for a while then finishes downloading but the app icon gets sort of faded and black as if it’s “waiting to download” when I press down on it the only option I get is “cancel download” but the download is alr complete right?

  43. I continue to get an issue with downloading apps when it says prompt. I believe it’s for my iPhone to stop the hack but I have no idea what to do please help me

  44. When i try to open one of the apps ive downloaded through Panda Helper, it says i need to install another plugin and it redirects me. I know thats normal. I install it and then it redirects me to settings, but in the Profile and Device Management tab, theres nothing else for me to verify! So now i can’t actually go on the apps.

  45. Hi! There was a new version of the hacked game I was playing. But for some reason when I restarted PandaHelper to download the new version it downloaded the old version, is there some way I could fix this?

  46. Hi I have been using your app for some time now and everything works fine until recently when I tried downloading myOS.
    After installing successfully I open the app and it gives me the “Prompt” pop-up like always but then after trying to install the directed profile it says “Profile Installation Failed”. The problem is that the app myOS is the only one having this problem while every other app “that I tried” works fine

  47. When i open my panda helper, it says the updated version is available and prompts me to download, when i do it says app not installed and i can’t go anywhere from there but back through the same process.

  48. hello i have a quick question. my panda helper was not working so i deleted it and tried to reinstall it but it wouldn’t let me reinstall. it just said “certificate is revoked. try again later” how do i fix this? please reply

  49. I downloaded Pandahelper about a week ago and downloaded some apps and it was working fine until just now when I try to open it it says “untrusted developer” when I check the profiles it says the developer “Artmetal OOO” not verified and when I click “Verify Apps” nothing happens. So I deleted pandahelper and tried to reinstall it but the first time it said “certificate revoked” but the second time it downloaded fine but this time with a developer called “Irnovation”. Now do I need to delete and redownload all the existing apps to get them working again??

  50. Hey Panda Helper! When I attempt to download the app, it appears as if it is downloaded, however, it will not actually let me enter the app.

  51. I downloaded Pandahelper about a week ago and downloaded some apps and it was working fine until just now when I try to open it it says “untrusted developer” when I check the profiles it says the developer “Artmetal OOO” not verified and when I click “Verify Apps” nothing happens. So I deleted pandahelper and tried to reinstall it but the first time it said “certificate revoked” but the second time it downloaded fine but this time with a developer called “Irnovation”. Now do I need to delete and redownload all the existing apps to get them working again??

  52. There is a profile called “ART-METAL, OOO” and I can’t trust the profile even though I have internet connection. I can’t use Pandahelper and applications that I downloaded from it. Please help

  53. It won’t allow me to download panda helper, it said “certificate revoked” can you fix it please I don’t want to the VIP version.

  54. Everytime i try to install it, it keeps giving me the cannot be installed at this time error message. Ive tried everything. Also i am not getting vip due to not having enough money.

  55. Hey. Earlier today I had the app downloaded with a few of its games. They worked well for a while until they stopped opening up. Every time I tried they always crashed so I had to delete them. When I tried to reinstall panda helper, it wouldn’t download all the way. Whenever it was a quarter of the way done, it stopped and just sat there. The app icon just turns dark and it wouldn’t open

  56. I’m trying to download forward Assault Hack, but when I download it and open the app, it says to update the app. I can’t update the app since I didn’t download it from App Store. The current version is V1.2003 and Panda has V1.2001, how should I update the Forward Assault app? Help please!

  57. I’ve been getting the “apps are repairing” it’s been about two days. Delete and download again didn’t help. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this

  58. Hey, so I have been trying to download this app, and It keeps saying that I have to wait 5-1 days because there is a problem, I’ve waited 5 days and it worked. A week late I downloaded the app I wanted,It was acting up so I re downloaded it, and now I have to wait 5-1 days again.

  59. Did you happen to delete the game and reinstall it? I’m wondering if that’s why I can’t get sims to be verified. I download it and when I click it, it opens and then shuts down. I’m worried if I delete it, all my saved data will be lost. Idk if it saves by itself so i won’t lose anything.

  60. Hi,I have a problem with the app.
    Today I downloaded Panda Helper, when I try to install Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack through the app, it tells me to uninstall an earlier version of the game (KKH) because it is not compatible with the current one I have.
    Help me what I do, it should be noted that I don’t know anything about those things.
    I have a big Ipad 3.

  61. I bought Panda Helper VIP and tried to download MyOS. but do have trouble with “Wifi needed” even my wifi signal is full strength.
    I double check with other apps on my phone and all of them still working good.
    also reset all network setting, flight mode, switch off/on wifi router but no help either.
    Please reply me asap. Thanksss

  62. Hi there, I’ve had no trouble downloading panda helper on iOS, my system is up to date.
    When I get on the panda app I download the sims mobile hack, downloaded fine and now it won’t install. Really need this to work! Many thanks James.

  63. When I enter on the hack game ( clash royale ) I can’t play because we send me a prompt and I don’t now how to fix it

  64. So I’m trying to download Horse Riding Tales but every time i download it, it says,”app not installed” and I’m very confused because a while ago that happened with Kim K, but it was fixed.

  65. Panda Helper awesome, but the game I am using it for had an update and PH does not have the latest version so every time I try to download it asked to to be updated please help Anyone who has an idea of what to do

  66. Whenever i play Kim Kardashian’s game, the prompt seems to never stop popping up. One click, the prompt shows up, another click, it shows again. It’s a never ending cycle. Please fix this ASAP

  67. Hi panda helper team! Like everyone else I’m have an issue with the app. I’ve been using the app with no problems but when I try to go on the apps I downloaded it doesn’t work. I tried verifying it but it doesn’t work. I used the advice above but it’s still not working. Can you help please?

  68. I’m on iOS 9.3.5 and when ever I enter panda helper and I try to install a game or a app it always asks to clone the app what can I do to fix it.

    • It will not let me scroll down to hit the start button when it ask me to clone or not .
      So I can not download any apps 😭😭any help would be greatly appreciated.

  69. When I click ‘verify apps’ it begins to load, however once it stop buffering it does nothing, and all the apps are still unverified – the only way to fix this is to delete all of the apps off of panda helper, essentially getting rid of the progress I have made on most games I’ve played

  70. HI, i downloaded injustice god among us hack, but i am unable to download the panda-helper vip profile as it keeps telling me that i am unable to connect to server, do i have to be a vip to play this game and access the hack? will this profile download after a while

  71. Heeey, i play choices, but it takes very long to get keys and Diamonds. Can you Guys Maybe get a hacked version on panda helper? That would be very awesome.

  72. Hello! I installed app but it’s not showing me energy money and k stars cheat only a regular game. When I played it several months ago It was fine and I was given those without restarting a game 🙂

  73. Hello! I have an error where when I open Myos, it says that WiFi is needed even though I am already connected to WiFi. What’s the problem here?

  74. Hi, I have use GoodNotes app to do a lot of homework notes. Files saved with the app.
    Now app cannot be trusted.
    If I were to rest all, all my hard work notes gone!!!

    Please help.

    Please help to check how to extract my doc.. 😔

  75. Pls I downloaded whatsaap on panda helper and I have installed it but when I tried opening it,it doesn’t work not open at all .im using an iPad pro 9.5.3

  76. I downloaded panda helper and downloaded a game but it’s not opening , I mean it will open and then shut immediately and ideas?

  77. j’ai installer panda helper mais je n’arrive pas a installer une seule application et dans les réglages,on ne me propose pas de vérifier l’app. que dois-je faire.


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