Panda Helper iOS 13

Panda Helper has been updated and now supports iOS 13. It works on all iPhone and iPad’s running iOS 13.panda helper

Check out the download links below.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

How to Get Panda Helper on iOS 13:

  1. Using the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone, tap one of the download buttons above
  2. Wait until the page has loaded and then look for the link to Allow ( tap it and the profile download to your device ) panda helper profile downloaded
  3. Go to Settings > General > Profiles and tap on Install on Panda Helper profile option panda helper app profile
  4. When you see the icon appear on your homepage, it’s done. panda helper ios 13
  5. If you get an Untrusted Developer error message, see below for details on fixing it
  6. Check out the video tutorial on YouTube

How do you Trust Panda Helper app?

You may get an Untrusted Developer error, stopping you from using it. This isn’t a serious error; As an unofficial app, Apple doesn’t trust the developer, but there is an easy way for you to do it:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Head to General and then Profiles
  3. In the profiles, list find the developer name and tap it
  4. Tap the Trust button
  5. When you come out of Settings and try the app again, the error will be gone

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Does the Panda Helper app work on iOS 13?

Yes, the Panda Helper apps work on the latest release of iOS 13 firmware from Apple.

  • Is Panda Helper Safe for iPhone?

Yes, Panda Helper is tested by its developers. There is no malware or spyware on the Panda Helper app. It is, however recommended to use a VPN and an Anti-Virus app wherever possible before downloading any apps from unofficial sources like Panda Helper.

  • Does Panda Helper VIP get Revoked?

Yes, it gets revoked sometimes. However, the developers restore it very soon.

Go ahead and download Panda Helper; tell us what you think and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

User Ratings:

4.4 / 5. 104

24 thoughts on “Panda Helper iOS 13”

  1. I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I’ve been trying to get the installation process on your app to work for a whole day. Every time I go to download an app for my game, it’ll download and then I hit direct install. The installation pops up on my home screen but stops the installing process all together when it’s almost done. I go to click on it again and it won’t do anything but sit there. I have been trying everything all morning long to get it to just install so I can play my game, but right when it’s almost done. It just stops. Please tell me how to fix this nuisance of a problem. Thank you.

  2. I have been trying use kodi 17.6 (64) on my ipad but although the install seems to work I am not able to configure it how I want to use it. For instance I cannot change the service name from kodi.
    My main use would be to control my Enigma2 TV satellite box (VU+ client) but I am unable to configure it. I have used this addon very successfully on other devices.

  3. Want you sign up with your services but having a horrible time getting anything to work. Spent the last 10 hours unable to get anything to work. Got the panda lite profile to install and the panda not so helpful icon install as well. Went to install the sign profile and that get auto uninstall immediately. Leaving the panda lite profile try install the apps. After verified. Click the app and it just go black. Some help and some hope. Not to see this after I sign up. Little skeptical.

    • Sorry about this issue. Panda Helper app is revoked by Apple. We will fix this in 24-48 hours. Please be patient in the meantime. Thanks

  4. Hey, I have cydia running on my Iphone 7 and working completely. I downloaded through checkrain as I am still on IOS 13.0. I am having trouble installing “Ticket To Ride” from the app store. Could you guys take a look at it and fix that for me? Other apps will download but Ticket to Ride won’t. I got the childrens version to install but no luck with the regular version. I download it and the app opens for a second and then immediately crashes. I even tried installing the IPA through Alt Deploy on my Mac but that caused the same issue. I believe the IPA might need an update or something. Thanks and hope you can help!

  5. When I download an app, it finishes but won’t open. The panda helper is fine but the app simply won’t open. Instead it would crash and send me back to the home screen. I am on an Ipad and am trying to download Worldbox Hack.

  6. Hello!
    I try to install Panda Helper. I am on an iPhone XR running iOS 13.4 It installs flawlessly, but everytime I try to start it, it just crashes immediately. Please fix this issue.

  7. Hello, I know that panda Helper works with iOS 13, I have 13.4.1, I had problems before but apparently today they were solved and I managed to download panda helper apps, I deleted my games and tried to download them again, the download ends and I try to enter the app and it only exits quickly, could you help me?

  8. I’m using a lite version of the app. I downloaded nova 3,ppsspp and hear apps were working fine until yesterday I got revoked from these apps. Unfortunately I deleted them and when I went to download again a pop up message telling me it’s revoked buy a vip version to install.
    Please help me download these apps in the lite version .

  9. For me the app is downloading on 13.5.1 but if I download any game it is getting downloaded but when I want to start it it is coming back to home screen which means the app or the game is not opening

  10. When I download an app, it finishes but won’t open. The panda helper is fine but the app simply won’t open. Instead it would crash and send me back to the home screen.

  11. Hello Panda Helper Team!
    I have IOS 14 and I wanna use panda helper lite but the apps are revoked. Will there be a fix for IOS 14 because I want roblox modded version.
    From a happy user, matthew 😀


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