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iOS 8 was the start of Apple introducing more security features into their firmware, partly in a bid to make their users even more secure and partly to try and put a stop to jailbreaking. This has led to a serious lack of updates to Cydia and those there have been are limited in who can use them. Although few users can now use Cydia, there are other alternative sources for modified apps and tweaks an one of those is called Panda Helper.

panda helper ios 8

Full of modified content, Panda Helper is proving popular and you can get more information about it by clicking on the link. Panda Helper fully supports iOS 8 and is completely free to download and use.

Panda Helper on iOS 8 :

We’ll be talking about downloading Panda Helper on iOS 8 but first, let’s see what the firmware offers users:

ios 8-logo small

  • Battery Indicator – Monitor which apps and services are using your battery life and change some settings to help make your battery last longer.
  • New Keyboards – Third-party keyboards are now supported along with predictive typing.
  • Continuity – Handoff feature allows you to start a call, email, message or other tasks on one iOS or OS X device and finish on another as well as support for making your iPhone a personal hotspot and Airplay support between OS X and iOS devices
  • Camera – New time-lapse mode, 3-second timer, focus and exposure controls, plus more new features.
  • iCloud Photo Library – Photos and videos automatically uploaded to iCloud Photo Library with free storage up to 5 GB (extra storage can be purchased).
  • Family Sharing – Set up sharing for iOS content between up to 6 users and extra parental controls over credit cards and app purchases.

Because Panda Helper isn’t Cydia it doesn’t need root access to the iOS firmware. What that means is it doesn’t break any security boundaries and it works much like an app store app does. Panda helper is one of the most reliable and secure app installers available and, because you can use it legally, you will not void your warranty.

Download Panda Helper on iOS 8 :

Because Panda Helper works like an ordinary app, it is fairly simple to install. Obviously, given the nature of the app, you won’t get it from the app store; instead, you need to manually install the configuration profile onto your device. Read on for the steps to follow:

  1. Using Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, open this ( link )
  2. Wait; when the Panda Helper page has finished loading, tap the link to Install so that the profile can be installedpandahelper_profile
  3. After installation is complete on the device go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust  panda helper profile
  4. If it isn’t there, try again. It may take a few attempts to get it right.

Panda Helper VIP :

If Panda Helper Free is no good for you, then you have to download the VIP version by tapping on this ( link ) and then download free apps from there. Note that you will have to pay a premium for the VIP Access , per month or once a yearly.

Useful Links :

Popular Panda Helper App :

iFile :

iFile icon small

iFile is a file management app that you could only get via Cydia at one time. Now you can get it from Panda Helper, for free. iFile gives you access to your file system in a way that Apple would never allow. For more details and a guide on downloading iFile, click the link.

Panda Helper is the latest in a long line of installers released as alternatives to Cydia. It has proven itself as being popular, mainly down to the wide range of content that it offers and the support it offers for earlier iOS versions like iOS 9. Give it a go and follow us on Facebook to get more updates and tips.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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