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Panda Helper app offers a huge amount of “FREE” apps and games on iPhone and Android .panda helper original

You can also get Paid apps for FREE too ?  This is one of the main reasons why Panda Helper is so popular, with millions of users worldwide.

Extremely Easy to Use

Panda Helper has a user-friendly interface and it wont cost you a penny to download and use Panda Helper or any app or game in it.

How to Install Panda Helper :

Panda Helper is available in two versions Regular and VIP. Download following the steps below.

Method 1: Easy Method

*Installs Panda Helper AppStore

  1. On your device launch the Safari browser and tap on the download button below.

    Get Panda Helper AppStore

  2. As the page loads up , tap on the UP arrow as shown here  panda_helper_store
  3. Now tap on Add to HomeScreen as shown here panda_helper_safari_new
  4. In the next screen, name the app as Panda Helper and tap on Add option panda_helper_safari_new
  5. Launch Panda Helper app from your home screen and Proceed to Step 2 belowpanda_helper_safari_new

Method 2: Expert Method

*Requires Installing Configuration Profile

Configuration Profile

  1. Tap on the download button from above on Safari browser and tap on Install panda helper download
  2. Click the Install link on the Install Profile pagepandahelper_profile
  3. On your Home Screen you will now see the installing app. If it says waiting . Tap on it to start installation.panda_helper_installing
  4. When the install has completed, you will see the Panda Helper icon on your homepage; tap and it will show , Trust the app first.
  5. So now we will go to Settings > General > Profile > “Profile Name of Developer ” and tap on Trust  trust app profile
  6. Now start using the Panda Helper app .pandahelperios

Video : Above steps explained

Panda Helper VIP is a paid version of Panda Helper that offers a lot more choice of apps and games, including plenty of modified games and tweaked apps.

No Advertisement’s !!

While the regular, free version is ad-supported, paying for the app removes those ads and you get a far better experience as well as more to choose from.

Less Revokes :

Panda Helper VIP is more reliable than the regular version and is more stable too.

Method 3 : VIP Version

Find out how to get Panda Helper VIP by clicking on the download button below.

VIP Download

Method 4: For Android

android panda app

The Panda Helper developers have opted to make their app installer available to Android users as well.

Follow our easy guide to download.

Pand Helper Android APK

Is Panda Helper Safe to Use ?

Yes it “Completely Safe” to use Panda Helper app on your iOS and Android device.

To back this fact we have included a detailed article about “How Panda Helper is Safer” than any other app installer out there.

Not Satisfied with Panda Helper ?

If, for any reason, you need to delete Panda Helper from your device you will find it very easy to do,

How to Delete Panda Helper :

 Simply follow the link below to find out how:

iOS Installation Errors :

Some users are experiencing installation errors that are irritating but are easy to fix.

Full details, along with the answers to common questions can be found below:

Panda Helper Alternative :

There are even more app installers that are like Panda Helper . Check the link below for more details.

Panda Helper is definitely one of the best third-party iOS installers and offers a huge choice of games and apps – choose to go with the VIP version and you get a lot more , and none of those irritating ads. Do tell us which one you go for and stay tuned for more news and tips by following us on Facebook

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. 剛買了VIP版的,手機版本是11.4.1,下載使用LINE2無法接聽電話,會出現「話筒/聽筒出現問題(T104)」,還有LINE2在後臺也無法收到訊息通知。


    English Translation :

    Just bought the VIP version, the mobile version is 11.4.1, the download can not answer the call using LINE2, there will be “microphone / handset problem (T104)”, and LINE2 can not receive the message notification in the background.

    Then install Green Wechat+ and Red Wechat2, and “Unable to get your device information, you need to get the device information again to ensure normal use.” I tried it several times. Can you have such a problem? May the customer service answer how to solve this problem

    1. 你有没有先试过免费版。 它有一些很棒的应用程序供您尝试。 如果您通过Paypal购买VIP版本,也可以随时要求退款。

      English :

      Have you tried the Free Version first. It has some awesome apps for you to try. Also you can always ask for refund if you bought the VIP version via Paypal.

      1. I love this app, but it keeps uninstalling and it’s really annoying (it starts to install, but stops mid installing) could you please help? Also, when I tried to verify the apps and had PERFRCT WiFi, I keep pressing verify and it’s like nope 😂 if you could help, that’d be great!!

      1. When I click on an app that doesn’t key word have a vip on it, it Denys the downlaod and tells me to get vip why is this happening because I’m just trying to downlaod a game that does not say vip but the stupid ad for vip keeps popping up

  2. Hi I cannot purchase or install profile for panda helper VIP on my iphone XS Max, please help. Whenever i click to install the profile, it direct me to safari and download Panda Helper VIP. When i click download, it says server busy……

  3. Hey, I tried downloading this on my iPad Pro 10.5 (iOS 11). It says it’s not downloading, then I restart my device, it says unable to install pandahelper. Please help.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Our Panda helper was revoked today by Apple , we were able to fix it. Please delete the old one and re-download it. Re-signing of the Apps will be complete in few hours. Please delete & re-download crashing apps again . Also check out what you should do when Panda helper is revoked and apps start crashing –

  4. It was a great app until it lasted. This thing got revoked faster than any other app I’ve ever downloaded, although I’m not sure whether this depends on the app itself or not. So I’m not gonna say anything about that. But after I redownloaded the app and tried downloading one of the games, I couldn’t. Not cause it wasn’t working but because it needed vip. That’s nothing bad right, you need vip to download some apps. But the app I was trying to download “Choice of Games” (the hacked version) I already had downloaded it from panda helper without a problem. But because it got revoked, I deleted it and wanted to redownload it. But it told me I needed vip. Then I checked many other apps that I had downloaded and most of them turned vip. Then in the games section I started clicking every game on the list and more often than not, it needed vip.

    1. Sorry, today our app was revoked. Panda Helper has now been repaired, please delete the old one and re-download it. But it will take some time to re-sign the Apps in Panda Helper. If the apps crash,please delete & re-download them Thanks!

  5. whenever i try to install profile it direct me to the download page for VIP version, when i click download it says server busy. I tried multiple times at 7, 8 and 9pm but all failed

    1. Hey , please re-download now. There have been spike in the download server due to heavy traffic , causing downloads to stop midway.

  6. Hi Panda Helper,
    First of all, thanks so much for this app! I’ve been looking for ages to get the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game and other games hacked.
    But i have a question about the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. I can’t get the Kollections. When i tap on the “play” button for k-stars, it doesn’t do anything. Is this normal or is there anything i can do to make this work?

  7. I see that Tinder++ app is heavily advertised in your sample screenshots. I’ve tried to download the app but couldn’t get it to work for iOS. Is the app still functioning and available or is it a dead app?

    1. delete that download , and start again.let us know and we will specifically look into this for you. Also what is your device ?

  8. I can’t load critical ops it says too update it but when i click it, it just takes me to the app store. can you plz update it?

  9. Hi, i play the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, but after the new update from 28/09 i don’t get my game to work anymore. And i can’t connect to fb to get my played game back.
    Panda Helper

  10. The Kim K has a lot of bugs now you can’t connect to fb to save and using any stars gets all of the online specials including kollections removed from the game permanently /:

  11. I’m having two problems with the hacked version of Kim Kardashian Hollywood. First, whenever I have to delete the app (when it gets revoked, etc,) it makes me start the game over again. Is there any way to keep my saved hacked game?

    Second, I downloaded an update of the same app and it’s not loading at all. The start screen comes up with the option to customize my avatar and then the loading screen comes up again, over and over again. I already deleted and downloaded it again twice

    Could you guys please fix the KKH game?
    Panda Helper

  12. hey panda helper (Free) is still under developing..??
    why does whenever i try to install an app,its asking me to get the VIP version..
    Before this it works totally fine and perfect..

      1. Well, everything is fine now. Besides the fact that it crashes for some reason. When I download it and open it for the first time, it works fine but after pressing the home button, closing the panda helper tab altogether and reopening it, it just crashes.

  13. Hi I was just wondering when the Kim Kardashian Hollywood will be updated to 9.5.0? Could you also by chance please add Kollections to the mod and the pet feature. Thank you. Any feed back would be appreciated

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