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Panda Helper app is a useful third-party store. Below, we answer some of the common questions about the Panda Helper app but if you have a question we didn’t answer, tell us what it is in the comments box below, and we’ll try to help you. You can also follow our Facebook page and get involved in the discussions on there. faq

What is Panda Helper App:

Panda Helper app is an external app installer an app store that is full of 3rd-party apps, tweaks, and other content. The apps include extra functionality and features not offered in the stock versions of the apps.

panda helper

There is no need to download Cydia to use the Panda Helper app, and anyone can use it for free regardless of the iOS device.

Note :

We do not condone or encourage piracy in any way, shape, or form. The suggested use for the Panda Helper app is to try apps before you buy them. You should always consider purchasing your apps and tweaks through the official channels, providing support to the developer.

I Get an Untrusted Developer Error – How Do I Fix it?

The “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error shows up when you run the Panda Helper app straight after installation. It is nothing to worry about because solving it is easy – Apple just needs to know that the developer is a trusted source, and you do that by :

untrusted enterprise developer image

  1. Opening your Settings app and going to General>Profiles and Device Management
  2. Looking through the list of app profiles for the Panda Helper app profile and tapping it
  3. Tapping on the Trust button and closing Settings

Try again, and the error will no longer show up.

I Have Enterprise Apps on My Device – How Do I Trust Them?

  1. Go to your iOS Settings app and open General > Profiles& Device Management
  2. Look down the list of app profiles for the Enterprise Apps section
  3. Tap the name of the distributor and then tap Trust
  4. Tap Trust again on the confirmation message
  5. Close Settings

The Enterprise app will now work

Will My Warranty be Voided if I Install Panda Helper App?

No, it won’t. Panda Helper app does not require root access to the iOS firmware on your device. Therefore, it doesn’t go against Apple’s security. In fact, Panda Helper runs just like any app does on your device. Where you might run into trouble is if you install an obvious Cydia tweak on your device changing its functionality. This isn’t too much of a problem; if you need to take your device to an Apple store, just delete the tweak first.

Can I Use Emulators on My iPhone?


Emulators are not really designed for iOS devices, but we can still install them. At one time, you would have needed Cydia to install an emulator, but the Panda Helper app now has several good emulators that work without Cydia on the iOS device.

Are Emulators Safe?

Being a third-party app, you should always scan the emulator with a virus detector after you download it and do make sure you only use trusted and official sources for your downloads. The emulators themselves are perfectly legal to use, but the ROM’s aren’t so, again, use at your own risk.

What Does an Emulator Do?

Emulators are small bits of hardware or software that allow one mobile or computer system (the host) to act as if it is another (the guest). An emulator gives the host system the tools required to run hardware or software that is designed to be used on a guest system. With the Panda Helper app, the emulators are designed to allow the download of games designed for game consoles like Nintendo, PS1, and others.

I Can’t Download or Verify Panda Helper App – What Went Wrong?

This is a certificate error; Panda Helper makes use of expired enterprise app certificates, and these get revoked on a regular basis by Apple, causing the apps to crash. The developers do try to keep the certificates updated with new ones but, if you try to download and use the Panda Helper app while they are doing this, you won’t be able to use it. Delete Panda Helper from your device and wait a few hours. Reinstall it, and you should find it all works. You can like our page on Facebook and click on Following > See First to find out when the new certificates are applied.

You may also see this when you try to install unofficial apps without removing the stock app first. For example, if you use Snapchat and are trying to download Snapchat MOD, you must delete Snapchat first.

I Get an Error Message Saying, “Can’t Connect to Panda Helper Site”.

This happens when Panda Helper has crashed, most likely because the certificate has been revoked. Wait an hour or so and then try again. The developers will have updated the certificate, and the app will work again.

Can I Ask The Developers For an App?

You can place requests for specific apps or tweaks on the ( Twitter ) feed for the developers, but they won’t guarantee that they will honor it – they have many requests every day, and it isn’t always possible to get every app or tweak.

All My Apps Crashed! What Now?

A simple way to fix this is to delete the Panda Helper app and then install it once more.

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  1. I bought premium version of panda helper for playing PUBG hack v0.8.0 …. I installed and play but I donot know how to run hacking codes…. so pls explain me with video … thank u so …

  2. Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have an iPhone SE iOS 12.

    I have a limited income so I cannot afford to spend any money. So is there anyway that I can have the premium version.

    Please do not hesitate to text me anytime.

    My text number is ****

    Thank you.


    • I have tried every fix you said such as downloading panda helper vip first and the the fre version put it always pops up with this message when I try to open it (app could not be downloaded at this time) I have tried every fix and it won’t work I even shut down my device a couple times I am currently using a first gen iPad mini with 6gb of usable space and with iOS 11

  3. Bună ziuă, aseară am instalat panda pt.leptop și nu am băgat email corect in care trebuia să primesc un email pt.al activă ce pot sa fac ….bani mi-a luat din cont și eu nu pot folosi această aplicație….va rog sa ma ajutați ce pot face…o zi bună.

  4. Looking for the new update on last day on earth my panda app is telling me I can install it but when I hit the button to install it does nothing please help

  5. Harry Potter hack is glitching, won’t let me feed the niffler in the first interaction you get. It tells me to buy more food then won’t let me touch anything on the screen so that I have to exit the app, can you fix please??

  6. Harry Potter app is glitching. When I try to do animal quests for Hagrid, it won’t let me feed the animals/purchase food. Please fix if you can.

  7. PandaHelper, I want to ask why I using the hack version of ultimate ninja blazing will keep crashing when I want to attack

    • sorry, we cannot comment on that as we only host the mod files and not develop them, please contact the developer of the mod.

  8. Please fix GTA SA mod mission “Just Business “
    When Big Smoke seat on the motorcycle,CJ can’t get on.
    Thank you.

  9. “ we are working hard to fix it, phease try again1-2 hours later. “
    I can’t download, i don’t know why please help me

  10. Bonjour. Panda helper est il gratuit ? Je vien de recevoir une notification comme quoi j’ai 1 semaine gratuit puis que je dois payer 3 euro par semaine. C’est normal pour une appli censer être gratuit ?

    • salut, pour le moment la version gratuite a des fonctionnalités limitées et nous encourageons les utilisateurs de Panda Helper à obtenir la version payante des fonctionnalités Premium

  11. Whenever I down load apps from here with a hack I get a pop-up prompt that says “In order in order to ensure. The proper use of this software, A plug-in it will be installed for you to help you have a better experience please click the OK button to continue.

    What am I supposed to do when this happens? Also I’m on IOS. So far the apps that have been hacked this happens to. If anyone can tell my why it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hey!
    I saw the update for Monster Super League. When I downloaded it, the old loading screen appeared, and the app asked me to update through the Apple store. Any fixes for this?

  13. I Have panda helper VIP on my iPhone 7+. Now I want to chance vip to my iPad because I sold my iPhone 7. Can you help me please?

  14. Hi, I had downloaded cytus 2 in panda helper but couldn’t install it to my phone, it said my phone had not enough room although it actually has over 600 MB left. What’s wrong with that?

  15. I downloaded homescapes hack. i got to a certain spot on using my stars and it won’t even let me use them anymore. i can still play the levels to get stars but bother else. it says the game is updating and it doesn’t go past 0% this has been going on for a few days now. is there any ways i can fix this i’ve tried everything. i think it needs an update on the game.

  16. Can you hack the battle cats and there’s a problem pocket mine 3 when I buy packs it won’t stop buying …thank for all your hardwork

  17. I have seen some people asking you why does your application require Call/phone permission in order to download an apk but you constantly evade/avoid the question.

    Please provide an answer and explain the purpose of the permissions that you need.

    • hi Nicholas, as you know that Panda Helper appstore is a 3rd party app installer and android doesn’t allow it. Hence it requires the permission which is a standard among other 3rd party android apk installers.

  18. On my iPod running iOS 9 does panda helper work cuz when I download hungry shark hacked it loads hours grey and says app could not be installed at this time please try again later

  19. I would like the panda team to fix the problems that call of duty mobile has please.I logged in as a guest got off the app tried to go back on it and it just wont let me play the game I would really like for you guys to fix the problems please.

    Thank You

  20. Hey u see the comment I put because I edit videos and I want to do it with funimate because the app is really good to do edits.
    Thanks 🙏 😊

  21. I purchased the Panda Helper VIP and installed it on my iPhone 8 Plus but I just upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and its telling me I’m having to repurchase the VIP??

    How do I transfer it to my new phone?

  22. I have the premium version on my phone – how can I get it on a second device or do I have to pay separately for my second device


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