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Panda Helper is one of many Cydia alternatives available for use by iOS users, all of them offering us modified and tweaked apps without having to jailbreak first. Installing Panda Helper is very simple, as you can see from our download guide but, while most people have been able to use Panda app without any issues, some have reported the app crashing suddenly and an error message popping up that tells them the app certificate has been revoked.panda helper revoekd fix

Why Are App Certificates Revoked ?

The developers of Panda rely on expired enterprise certificates to run their app installer on. These are certificates given by Apple to allow enterprise users to deploy their apps around the workplace without needing the app store. Because they are expired certificates, Apple will regularly revoke them, causing the related apps to crash. The app developers do monitor the situation and try to renew the certificates before they are revoked but occasionally, you might be using the app before they can do it – that is why your app crashes.

How to Stop App Certificate Being Revoked

If you get the App Certificate Revoked message or a message that says Unable to Verify App, there is an easy fix for it:

  1. First, delete Panda Helper from your device
  2. Next, open Safari and go to the official website –
  3. If you see a message that tells you the Helper may be downloaded, the app certificate has been renewed or resigned and the app is ready to be downloaded once more. Download it by clicking the Download Free Version button
  4. Tap Install when asked to confirm and wait; within a few seconds, Panda Store will be reinstalled on your device.
  5. Before you open and use the app again, there is one more step to take – open your Settings app
  6. Tap on General > Profiles and Device Management and find the Panda App profile in the listios_general_profile1
  7. Tap it and Tap Trust; close Settings and Panda App will now work without crashing, as will all the apps and games contained in the installer.

Panda App Store offers a choice of Cydia tweaks for the iOS device. All of these work without the need for a jailbreak and this makes Panda a legal way of modifying your device, giving you all the benefits with none of the danger that illegal hacking brings.

Panda Helper , along with the other iOS app installers, is a great alternative but most likely all users will experience the crashing issues at some time or another when they use it. If you do, these steps will fix it. Follow us on Facebook for more tips.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I downloaded monster hunter freedom unite for ios, after two days the app was detected and revoked, and the panda helper app also, how to fix it without deleting the app, because the data in it is very important

  2. I downloaded mhfu, after 2 days the app was detected and revoked, and the panda helper app also, how to fix it without deleting the app, because the data in it is very important

  3. It won’t download all I get is this message (app could not be downloaded at the time) I have tried every fix but it wont work

  4. I tryd to do your steps but it just made a alternative profile which worked but had none of my games . I want to fix it but I don’t want to delete the other profile that doesn’t work but has all the game data and progress.😱

  5. I followed all steps and still don’t have a profile and my Panda Helper is solid grey and won’t download at all. Started today

  6. Please help. I’m new at this. I had panda Helper and after a few days i wasn’t able to use it or anything I installed from it. Tysm.

  7. had whatsApp but now says not berified. keep teuing to berify but says need internet connection.
    used it for weeks than bam dead, reinstalled and again bam dead
    all other stuff works so i have internet.

    also panda has done same.

    followed all steps repeatedly but now whatsapp only gray.

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