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Panda Helper is one of the latest external iOS app installers to come our way, bringing us all sorts of useful tweaks, apps, and games, all free. It is Free to Download, it is free to use but many users are asking, Is it Safe?not working error

Is Panda Helper Safe to Use?

The answer to that is yes, it is perfectly safe to use. Check out these points

  • The first thing about Panda Helper app, unlike many other similar installers, when you install Panda Helper, you do not need to provide your Apple ID; this means that Apple cannot track your usage and they cannot invalidate your warranty.
  • Second, perhaps the most important, Panda Helper does not require Cydia to work, which means anyone can use it on iOS 9 through to iOS 13 without any trouble at all. And, not having Cydia means that, once again, your warranty can’t be invalidated.
  • Third, the developers of Panda Helper have given their app installer a thorough test to make sure there are no problems with it; it is reliable, it is stable and there is no malware hiding anywhere in there to do your device harm. Plus Panda Helper is updated very regularly, not just with new content but with improvements and bug fixes when required.

You Can Safely Delete It:

If you are at all concerned, even though millions of people use Panda Helper every day without any trouble, you can do two things – you can delete it if you really don’t want it on your iOS device or you can make sure that you have a genuine anti-virus installed on your device.

Easy to Download and Use:

panda helper original

Panda Helper is very simple to download so, if you decide that you want to try and see how you go with it, you can find a full tutorial at the link below :

Panda Helper is a very comprehensive installer, offering more content than many installers. Safety and security is the first concern of the developers so you can rest assured that no harm will come to your device or your data.

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