What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper for iOS ( and now Android ) is one of the most reliable third-party app installers ever released, making it easy to download apps and tweaks onto your smartphone. Once installed, you can access hundreds of apps and tweaks which can be found in any official app store.panda helper original

It is simple to use as well as being safe; Panda Helper downloads are fully protected with SSL encryption. It is one of the fastest installers, and the way this installer is built means it takes up little in the way of device resources and does not interfere with anything else on your device. Apps and tweaks can be downloaded at high speed and are easily installed onto your iOS or Android device. Check out the Panda Helper ( Infographic ) below for a quick overview.

panda helper infographic english

What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper app is an unofficial app store ( twitter ) with one major difference from all the official ones, every app, and tweaks in this app store is free. And you get a great choice of 3rd-party apps too. PandaHelper is full of features, and some of the best are listed below.

Panda Helper Features:

  • Easy to follow download and installation instructions
  • User-friendly interface similar to the iOS app store
  • Works on all devices up to the latest release without needing to install Cydia
  • Plenty of apps and tweaks to choose from
  • A range of popular unofficial apps and tweaks
  • Updates to your apps and tweaks all done through the installer
  • Updated regularly with new content and bug fixes
  • Works on Android
  • Many more features

How to Install Panda Helper:

PandaHelper can easily be downloaded but not through the iOS app store. This is down to Apple and their strict guidelines on what can and can’t go into the app store; because PandaHelper is an app store, it is seen as competition and won’t be allowed in. Instead, you can follow the guide below to safely and easily install the app on your device. You will also find instructions on how to delete the Panda app should the need arise:

Panda Helper is proving to be one of the most popular of all the iOS installers, partly because of the level of content it offers and partly because it doesn’t need Cydia to run. That alone makes it available to all iOS users, regardless of device and iOS version. It also comes in two versions ( Free and Paid ). The paid version does offer a few extra features, but the free version is proving to have more than enough choice.

It isn’t likely that Cydia will be updated any time soon, at least not in a way that would mean everyone could use it. For that reason, PandaHelper is your best bet right now so try it out and follow us on Facebook for more developer updates.