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Panda Helper is one of our most popular and most used Cydia alternatives. It is an app store that provides hundreds of different apps and games, some unofficial, and all for free. You won’t find these apps anywhere else, certainly not for free and it can be used on both iOS and Android devices. panda helper pc

There’s more though

Panda Helper can also be used on your PC or Mac, giving you all that great content on a bigger screen, and it’s still all free. Keep reading for all the details, including a download guide.

Download Panda Helper on PC and Mac:

Panda Helper was initially designed for iOS devices only, but the developers opted to give it support so it could be used on Android devices. Because of that, it won’t be able to run on your PC or Mac without a helping hand. You will need an Android emulator on your device first, and we recommend either BlueStacks or Nox, both excellent emulators and very easy to use.

BlueStacks App

Nox Player App

  1. Download either BlueStacks or Nox emulator onto your PC from the links above and install it 
  2. Now download the Panda Helper APK file onto your computer and save it
  3. Open the location of the APK file and double click the file with the .apk extension
  4. Your Android emulator will automatically open, and Panda Helper will be installed. If it doesn’t open, right-click the .apk file and select Open With; then click on Nox or BlueStacks, whichever one you chose. An alternative way is to open the emulator and drag the file into it
  5. Wait; when Panda Helper has been successfully installed, the app icon will appear on the emulator home screen. pandahelper app windows pc

It doesn’t matter which emulator you choose; both are good, and both will easily install Panda Helper to your PC.

Using Panda Helper on Windows PC:

This is very simple:

  1. Open your emulator app
  2. Find and click on the Panda Helper icon
  3. The app will open; find what you want and click it
  4. Click on Download and your chosen app or game will be downloaded to your PC

Simple as that!

Other Useful Links:

Here you will find the download guides for both iOS and Android and a link to some of the more frequently asked questions:

Panda Helper is an excellent alternative to Cydia, offering a ton of content for free. Give it a go and do tell us what you think of it. It should be a straightforward process, but if you do run into any trouble, let us know in the comments box, and we’ll do what we can to fix things for you.

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Additional Information:

App Name:
Panda Helper
Microsoft Windows
Panda Helper Inc.

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