Panda Helper Android APK

Panda Helper for Android is one of the top third-party app installers offering hundreds of apps and tweaks.panda helper

Use the links below to download the Panda Helper APK.

Panda Helper APK 1

Panda Helper APK 2

How to Install Panda Helper APK:

  1. Download the APK file to your device from the links above. Ignore the security prompt and tap on OK as shown here. panda helper security alert
  2. Open the .apk file that you have downloaded and select the Settings option on the Chrome pop-up. Enable Allow from this source as shown below. panda helper android
  3. Begin the installation process and wait until it has finished and you will see the new app icon on your device home page
  4. Enjoy the Panda Helper apps and tweaks.

APK Not Working?

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How to Delete Panda Helper:

This is done in exactly the same way as you would delete any app from your Android device:

  1. Open your Android settings app – either from your homepage or App Drawer
  2. Tap Applications and you will see a list of your apps
  3. Find Panda Helper in the list and tap on it
  4. Tap on the Uninstall button
  5. Wait; when the process is done, you can shut Settings – Panda Helper has been deleted

How to Install Panda Helper on PC:


Nox Player

  1. Download either BlueStacks or Nox Player onto your PC or Mac
  2. Now download the Panda Helper APK file ( from the link above ) using the inbuilt Chrome browser or download it directly on your computer and install. panda helper pc
  3. When Panda Helper has been successfully installed, the app icon will appear on the emulator’s home screen.
  4. Launch the app and start using it as you would on your phone, and begin downloading apps and games.

Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Panda Helper App Not Installed

panda helper app not working

Method 1: Clear Data and Cache for Package Installer

  1. Open Settings > Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap System Apps > Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

If this is not enabled before you install the app, things are not going to work:

  1. Open Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources
  2. Close settings, the app should work. If not, remove it from your device. Keep that option enabled and reinstall it
  • Panda Helper App Stopped Working
  1. Open Settings > Apps ( or App Manager )
  2. Tap on the menu for All Apps
  3. Tap Reset App Preferences > Reset Now
  4. When you open the app, it should work

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Panda Helper work on Android?

Yes, Panda Helper works on all Android devices. Follow the tutorial above to download and install the Panda Helper APK on your Android phone.

  • Does Panda Helper Hack your Phone?

No, Panda Helper does not hack your phone or cause your warranty to be voided. It is safe and tested by developers. Always download Panda Helper from the official source only.

  • Is Panda Helper Harmful?

Panda Helper is safe to use. There is no malware or spyware on the Panda Helper app. It is reliable and trusted by thousands of users.

  • Can I Use Panda Helper on a PC?

Yes, Panda Helper can also be used on your PC or Mac, giving you all that great content on a bigger screen, and it’s still all free. You can install and run the Panda Helper APK file using an android emulator like BlueStacks or Nox Player.

  • Why is my Panda Helper Not Working?

There could be many reasons for the Panda Helper app to stop working. We suggest you have a look at the Troubleshooting steps on our download page and contact the app developers on Twitter if needed.

  • What is better than Panda Helper for Android?

There is one excellent alternative for the Panda Android app, called HappyMod. It works on the latest Android version and is free to download. HappyMod has a large app store with 3rd-party apps and tweaks. Everything that you could imagine. Download from the link above. Some of the tweaks will allow you to change the way your device looks while others add extra functionality, both to the stock apps and to the standard features.

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  1. The download links won’t work for me…
    It says that there was a problem on parsing the package…
    I’m using mozilla…
    →Is that a problem…

  2. Can you put video star here! That would be amazing and on the links aren’t opening up for me… Or video star download for Android


    download for Android please

  3. How much space does panda helper take up? Cuz if it’s not big or if it doesn’t mess up your device then I’ll keep the panda helper app.

  4. The app installed on my android phone j but it says “failed to load data” I clicked to reload but still says the same thing.

    Second link does not work

  5. Hey Panda Helper Team can u update Bullet Force plz because I installed it and it didn’t work it said ” New Update Available”

    • Hi, we believe the Panda Helper apk version works on Amazon Fire Tablets as they run on Android as well – source . Please try and let us know following the steps above. Addito=ional installation information could be found here.

  6. I downloaded Minecraft on my android phone but but when I trey to open it it keeps jumping out can you please fix it because I download it be
    fore on my last phone and it worked

  7. Your app is by far and away the best apk for downloading all the apps that we normally have to pay for and they always come with mods, you have a plethora of apps and games! Thank you Panda Helper, much appreciated!!!

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you guys could also add unlimited keys to the game ‘Choices’? It sucks to have unlimited diamonds but still have to wait two hours just to complete another chapter.

  9. Hi, when i want to install minecraft, it sais “App not installed” what should i do.
    Thank you very much!! And the app is awesome!!

  10. Hello, i want to download Hogwarts mystery but it said request failed. Is there something i can do so i can download it :”(

  11. I have been using Panda Helper for a long time, but suddenly, whenever I want to seach ANYTHING it says that the game is not found. I even tried to search the games that comes up gor suggestions but when i searched them it doesn’t come up and doesn’t work… Very disappointed…


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